Hiegel: no matter election outcome, Scottsdale has already lost

This divisive election over Proposition 420 will soon be over. But Scottsdale already has lost. The proponents’ scorched-earth campaign has [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: close the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve to all people!

Do you know that the Preserve has over 35 Acres of “bulldozed” parking lots in it? Do you know that Preserve has conservatively over 100 acres of [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: a response to Jason Alexander, a new view of Prop. 420 and a call for facts

Jason Alexander’s Aug. 16 column advocating for Proposition 420 is short on truth and long on insults. Nothing does more to demonstrate how thin [...] Continue Reading →

Fast Pitch: three-minute pitch transforms local nonprofits

A simple, direct vision frames everything the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce does. We aim to build a vibrant and prosperous community [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: the Cure Corridor sets Scottsdale apart

Scottsdale has so much going for it. We live here, and visitors join us, for the great weather, excellent restaurants, world-class golfing and [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale chamber will help facilitate political discussion as election season begins

A few months ago, I raised the question of whether the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce should continue to endorse in city council elections, [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Chamber hosts Bob Parsons at Scottsdale Forward

  Sometimes we need to be reminded of things we already know. That’s exactly what Bob Parsons did for a Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: What role does the chamber play in local elections?

We’ve watched Donald Trump’s unconventional run for the Republican nomination. We’ve seen Bernie Sanders surprise Hillary Clinton on the [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: Will medical marijuana be Scottsdale’s next big industry?

Let me be clear here: The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce is not taking a “pro” or “con” position on the issue of medical marijuana. However, the [...] Continue Reading →

Desert Discovery Center poised to boost Scottsdale businesses

Although my post at the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce is new, my Scottsdale roots run deep. I came to Arizona in 1979 to complete my [...] Continue Reading →