Beckman: The students of Scottsdale Schools deserve our support in November

It is back-to-school time and for my family this means high school. Saguaro is the final leg of our Scottsdale Unified School District journey. [...] Continue Reading →

Beckman: 2019 brings a renewed optimism to SUSD

On Nov. 6, 2018, I was honored to be elected to the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board. On Jan. 10, that honor was expanded when [...] Continue Reading →

Beckman: ‘SUSD Governing Board, when are you going to start listening to your community?’

Today is Sept. 4, and in exactly 119 days, Scottsdale Unified School District will have two new members of the Governing Board; I hope to be one [...] Continue Reading →

Beckman: a path forward for SUSD must rely on transparency, accountability and trust

We have been inundated with daily reports of corruption and collusion in Scottsdale Unified School District. Where do we go from here? Whom do we [...] Continue Reading →