Schenkat: Scottsdale arts leaders create a world class destination

A big thanks should go out to SCOTT (Scottsdale Coalition for Today and Tomorrow) and to the Scottsdale Independent for organizing the Arts and [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: Scottsdale’s lock box program saved my life

Two months ago I had to call 9-1-1. I had passed out and fell on my kitchen floor. Fortunately, I had contacted the Scottsdale Area Association [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: Outside money backing effort to defeat Prop. 420

The local Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors’ Government Affairs Committee was able to convince the National Association of Realtors [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: finance reports reveal top Scottsdale City Council candidate fundraisers

The quarterly campaign finance reports were posted to the city website yesterday. It is apparent to all that the developers and bar owners have [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: City Council debate at Scottsdale City Hall is a must-attend event

The upcoming debate with five City Council candidates is being hosted by the Scottsdale Independent at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1 at City Hall. [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: recent D.C. trip further emboldens my justice-for-all pursuit

I was a panel speaker July 30 at the Dirksen Senate Building in Washington, D.C. As an invitee to the panel with three attorneys, I spoke about [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: rampant Scottsdale political signs are unnecessary

Do you ever wonder why some cities allow these disgusting signs to block their right of ways? Who really wants these signs? If you want to get [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: does Scottsdale Municipal Court offer fair justice?

With the recent recommendation by President Trump for the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the issue has become a political [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: I challenge the notion of democracy driving Scottsdale City Council

There is no democracy in Scottsdale government. The citizens have no choice when they elect the mayor and council. Those who represent the [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: the unsung heroes of Scottsdale tourism

The true unsung heroes of the tourism business are the hundreds of concierges who serve their guests in the hotels and resorts throughout the [...] Continue Reading →