Whitehead: I’m humbled, honored to serve at City Hall

For two years, I have been focused on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Long before I was a candidate. I was focused on keeping a preserve — our [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Philanthropists don’t profit, exploiters do

A philanthropist donates for the greater good, not for personal profits. American history is filled with those that chose to make a powerful and [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: I am an engineer & I can count to $21,900,000

There was a lot of talk about financial credentials at the city council candidate forum held last week. One incumbent is a banker, another an [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: public trust and the death of the $350M bond

With pained honesty, a Scottsdale City Council majority voted against a proposed $350 million bond question for the 2018 election. The vote was [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Scottsdale City Council has opportunity to realign with constituents

At the upcoming Tuesday Scottsdale City Council meeting, councilmembers are likely to approve a $350 million bond question for the November [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Liberty Wildlife and Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale are foils toward approach

After 35 years of operation, having saved tens of thousands of animal lives while having conducted too-many-educational programs to even count, [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Scottsdale should look within prior to seeking GO bond program

A family budget and a city budget are not that different. If your family was $350 million in the hole, would you borrow $68 million for something [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: I am seeking a seat on Scottsdale City Council

I have decided to run for Scottsdale City Council so community voices and community priorities are once again city priorities. My family and I [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: community of Scottsdale can come together over Desert EDGE

Our community’s outrage over the Desert EDGE/DDC was never about the proposal. The issue has always been the denial of democracy to our [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Scottsdale Desert EDGE decision weighs moral fabric of community

During the past work study session on the Desert Discovery Center/Desert Edge, Councilwoman Linda Milhaven, called Scottsdale citizens opposing [...] Continue Reading →