Klapp: Congress’s surprise medical bill solution needs to get it right

Improving health care access and affordability in Scottsdale, throughout Arizona, and across the country should be priority No. 1 for any [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: Desert EDGE proposal answers questions, raises others

The proposal I heard on Tuesday morning for Desert Edge lays out a bold vision for allowing all city visitors and residents to enjoy the Preserve [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: small business is important to the city of Scottsdale

Recently, I was honored to speak at the city’s Mayor and Council breakfast to several hundred business people and other residents about how [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: let’s celebrate the Scottsdale Transportation Master Plan

Important additions to Scottsdale’s Transportation Master Plan were lost in the recent rhetoric about Light Rail’s elimination. Yet, residents [...] Continue Reading →

New, life-changing paratransit regional service coming to Valley

Life will be a little easier for the disabled and senior community beginning in July when Valley Metro and the region’s Dial-A-Ride providers [...] Continue Reading →

Councilwoman Klapp feels the good vibrations of south Scottsdale

As I consider changes happening in Scottsdale, I am struck by the palpable activity and positive vibes emanating from the southern part of the [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: enough is enough, no Satanic prayer at Scottsdale council meetings

There is little about city council meetings that I cannot tolerate. I support freedom of speech and welcome people to come to the city Kiva and [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: 2016 priorities align with overall city council work plan

Throughout my tenure on the council, I have pushed for strategic planning and goal setting. The priorities I will pursue for 2016 align with the [...] Continue Reading →