Korte: Seeking architectural design Scottsdale deserves

We all recognize that we must begin demanding more inspiring designs from developers. To preserve Scottsdale’s unique quality of life and live up [...] Continue Reading →

A call to action: Help us protect Scottsdale’s quality of life

Several years ago, the quality of life for many Scottsdale residents was severely impacted by the Federal Aviation Administration. When the FAA [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: Ingenuity is the key to finding Scottsdale Stadium renovation funds

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Korte: once again, Scottsdale is an Arizona leader

This time, it’s in the area of dockless bike-sharing. By now you’ve probably seen the brightly-colored bicycles popping up on street corners and [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: Scottsdale Desert EDGE proposal culminates long-term vision

Great communities like Scottsdale often share qualities that make them special — including a strong economy, a vibrant downtown, an [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: Desert EDGE will be a community amenity to Scottsdale

I am a long-time supporter of the Desert Discovery Center concept – which is now called the Desert EDGE. After attending two of the public [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: I will support a public vote on the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center

I will support a public vote on the Desert Discovery Center, if it becomes necessary. But for now, I am advocating a “first-things-first” [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: Thank you Scottsdale voters

Now that the election is finally over, there are a lot of people to thank for their commitment and involvement in making our great city even [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: more perspectives than one shaped the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

There is something to be said for perspective. One of the greatest honors I’ve had in my 30 years of community service to Scottsdale was being [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: The memory of Carolyn Allen is one I cherish

“Carolyn Allen was a force of nature who housed wit, strength, and an unwavering moral compass in a petite frame with more pound for pound [...] Continue Reading →